A Bug’s tale

I had no name, but I called myself a cute bug, cute bug, cute bug

Two eyes found me and shouted a big bug, big bug, big bug

But her friends labelled me as a little bug, little bug, little bug

And here I thought she\’ll give me a big hug, big hug, big hug

She and her friends ran over my green rug, green rug, green rug

I cheered when they pledged let\’s clean bug, clean bug, clean bug

Little did I know, they meant kill bug, kill bug, kill bug

I ran for my life to hide in her tea mug, tea mug, tea mug

Luckily an angel directed to ship bug, ship bug, ship bug

I went home, but there I saw a guy named tough bug, tough bug, tough bug

He thanked me and gave me a tight hug, tight hug, tight hug

We cheered and lived forever as free bug free bug free bug

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