a day out…

Finally I got the opportunity to go out at least for a few hours and see the world outside from car’s window. Actually I had an appointment today with my Dr and he also wanted to see how I am recovering after operation. So we hired a cab and went to the hospitals.

Seeing people riding bikes made me a bit jealous. So what If I cant ride two wheeler now, I have now a new vehicle cum friend after my accident, a Walker. I still drive it with right leg only and I am not yet skilled and stumble sometimes but I would soon get a grip. Now I don’t like when anybody in my family fold it and place  it somewhere else and not besides my bed.

Now my stitches have been opened and so far recovery is good said my Dr after he saw the latest X-ray report. I have become so much comfortable with brace that when today Dr advised me to do exercise without brace, I thought for a few minutes that how would I manage without it. The set of exercises which my Dr wants me to do seems very horrible and I still wonder if I could do that. These three weeks I have been told not to move leg and suddenly he has asked me to bend it 25 degree and move leg upward keeping it straight. I asked him how many times do I have to do these exercises, I expected him to say 2 or 3 times. But instead he told me do it all the day whenever I get time, I felt like change the Dr immediately. I wish I could :). Exercise seems now a new word and now it feels a bit alien.

Though lying and sitting in bed many times frustrate me a lot, but sometimes I feel I am now set this way and don’t mind. I wonder and doubt if I become habituated and then don’t like to walk at all. Now breakfast is full of tablets including calcium, all types of vitamins, pain killer, and antibiotic and day ends with milk with a bitter spoon of turmeric

But still its enjoyable as after so long I talked to my friends and relatives who took time out to call me to check my health, and so far my social sector is improving. Also I’m very happy that my Mom is here with me on this Mother’s day.