And it’s Women’s day again

Sometimes “Human Rights” seem like a software development project. Human Rights were defined as a model to make our society understand and provide basic freedom to their fellow human beings. But like in softwares… bugs happen, and we fix them…sometimes in the next versions. So when the definition of human is not clear to most of us, we then defined and fixed them with a new set of rights, so now we have women rights, LGBT rights, Disability rights and may be many more.
too believe and like celebrating days, specially for the beings who can not speak/fight for themselves like animals. But when it comes to humans, I feel very confused on how to support the movement for a particular cause and to what extent. Many of them exist to cure the problems suffered particularly by that section. The people who have suffered the same and/or can sympathise with it, would immediately feel connected and might join the movement happily. But somehow we all have been separated and disconnected in this fighting spectrum to find ourselves a new identity.

I don’t want to live in a confused and limited band of the spectrum thinking which religion or gender do I belong. I don’t want to prove anything to anybody not even to myself. I don’t want to look for equality specially in the system which is already broken. But then how do I know about, what is my right, and how do I get it and what should I support?
1) Don’t be conscious of your gender, and it won’t affect your choices and decisions. People and their opinions would not even matter to you when you are clear in your mind.
2) If somebody reminds you of your gender, ask so what? or better don’t even listen to it. Sometimes no response is a big response.
3)Be more open and inclusive when it comes to humans. We need humanity.
Finally, I know that there are many who think women can’t do this and women should’t do that. To them I have only one thing to say that the day all women started driving on roads, I tell you, you would run for your life… I guess it would do more good if all women drive on this #internationalwomensday