Bansi – my lovely dog turned 5

Bansi – my lovely dog turned 5 on 1st of December.

As it was his 5th birthday I wanted him to have a birthday cake. The person at the cake shop said that for a sugar free cake the minimum order must be at least 5 kg. So I started googling cake recipe that does not require much ingredients and is healthy for my b’day boy. I don’t feed him chocolates or anything sugary.

Also I don’t have oven anymore after retuning the Samsung’s faulty device I had bought earlier. 

Finally I found a great Peanut butter-Carrot Cake recipe which required a few ingredients and I could make it easily in an idly cooker. Btw it took some 20 minutes to bake the cake. It was yum, yes I tasted it first(to test if it was okay) as I don’t share Bansi’s food. That is the reason the cake is not fully round, as I had that piece first. But believe me I didn’t touch after that and let him have it fully.

Bansi smells and loves food so much that it is very hard to take make him wait in front of food and take photos. He won’t allow me to finish the happy b’day song for him. So I had to have different treats in my hand to make him wait and take photos first. I made sure to take photos before 12 am, so he can attack the cake the moment he turns 5. He was quite puzzled about the odd time he was getting this treat, and seemed fully stuffed after having the cake.