B’day Gifts…

January is a birthday month for Capricorns and having my birthday this month I naturally have expected some gifts. I was having an intuition that some change is there on the cards but not sure of what would it be.

On Friday, afternoon I just got up to get myself a tea. I went to backyard to bring something. So while coming back in the haste, I realized some little thing was hiding behind the box. I took the box off just to find one pigeon there. My b’day gift arrived a bit early:)

He realized my presence immediately and stepped backward. I then tried to find if he was hurt. He looked okay but was a bit shy and didn’t want to move at all from the corner and was constantly trying to hide behind the box.

I extended my hand for friendship and was trying to help him. But he was not in the mood. I called the school girl who lives the next door. We both then sat in front of him and offered him some food and water which he rejected. Later I found he was walking unsteadily and couldn’t fly high.

I named him Shamshersinh aka Sheru, he even tried to bite me when I was forcing him to move. After so much effort we both could manage to bring him inside home and put him under the basket so that he can be saved from stray cats. Only then I could manage to drink my much deserved tea.
In the evening my sister started making my b’day plans. At last she convinced me to go out somewhere on the day. I agreed on going out just bcoz I thought that it would be some nearby place. I called my another sister to invite her and told her about the plan. She forgot that it was my b’day and started making her plans for the day. She demanded to go to Shirdi to visit Saibaba.

I told her that its too late to go 500 kms away and we won’t get tickets. Plus Sheru was also there in the house who can’t be left alone. But they both instead of giving me gifts, started asking for gift. At last I dont have choice than to agree.

Saturday, in the morning we arranged tickets somehow. I tried to make Sheru fly but he was not feeling so yet. So I called bird helpline and they took him to Ahmadabad 🙁 so that he can be treated.

In the evening we left for the next 12 hrs journey by road. But it was smooth ride as it was a luxurious sleeper coach. After having a meal, I headed to my seat and just lied down. Said goodnight to moon and fell asleep.

It was Nasik when bus halted on the Sunday morning. I woke up and just wished myself a happy B’day. Its really good when your b’day falls on sunday/holiday. I had my morning tea and then we left for Shirdi.

After reaching Shirdi we booked one room in a nearby hotel and freshened up. We left for the temple. After finding the right gate we stood up in the long queue. It was the first time I visited Shirdi. When I thought that we just reached the actual temple and waiting is over, we have been further taken to another building and I saw a lot of people standing in a  very very long queue. I instantly realized that its not over yet. Thankfully we had had our breakfast.

I prayed Saibaba “plz dont make me waiting at least on my b’day” but he didn’t seem hearing as I was far far away from the temple. Finally after waiting for almost 3-4 hours in the queue, we reached the actual place and managed to get Saibaba’s blessing. Suddenly all the tiredness gone and my anger turned into happiness. Might be the effect of the holy place which radiates so much positive energy all around. It was nice to be there on the special day.

I just hope that saibaba would somehow manage to forgive all, for all the hits and pushes and breaking queue.