Exam Lessons

Someone has said it very well that “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want” So this is what I got in the school. Nothing, but an Experience!

You know if someone asks me today! what does school mean? I would say,
– which adds values to my character,
– which brings me into the real world, and
– which builds a right attitude in me.

But in those days, school meant,
– where I have to get good marks,
– should try to be in the favourite list of the teachers, and
– where my presence was more important than what I learn at the school.

Until 9th standard, I was an average student, who got around 60 to 65%. I don’t know why, but I had decided at very young age that I would pick up science stream. So I must get good marks in the 10th’s Board Exams.

But how? Well When there is a will, there is a way!
I cheated in the board exams. In fact I carried cheats in the examination hall. Of course, I was not caught by the examiner. I did realize that it was not the correct way, but I had a mission to get an admission into Science.

I prayed a lot and asked god for only 70%, which I expected would be the minimum percentage to get into Science. I didn’t ask for even single extra mark.

Surprisingly, I got exactly 70% and an admission too. But something was wrong. I noticed, that I didn’t feel happy when I annouced my result to anyone. I guess because it was not my result. The lesson I learned here was “Never cheat in the exam if your really want to enjoy your results”.

I promised God, that I would not cheat in my 12th Board exams. Then came the 12th exams.

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths… All done without cheating! But here came the dragon! ENGLISH!

So Honesty! How long? Until you get the chance to be dishonest. This time I didn’t carry cheats but asked my neighbor student to help me out. He offered me 2-3 cheats but I refused just to keep my promise with God. So I looked into his paper, read them from far and wrote the answers.

You know, I had a doubt about my Physics paper, but surprisingly I passed all subjects except English!
They promoted me in english with gracing marks!

So another lesson I leanred here was “No matter how smart you behave, God watches your deeds” so Never play with God and don’t cheat”

These 2 lessons helped me to understand that our values and promises are more important than getting good marks and so obviously I stopped cheating in exams.