Flying on the ground…

It took three months but finally days have come when I a’m feeling much much better and can stand still. For the first time walking feels as if I’m flying. Hopefully in a few days a time will come to give a happy farewell to my walker. From past two days I’m practicing without it, but it might take a while to get that confidence back.

Initially I was reluctant to take physiotherapy as I thought I would manage to do it myself. But when my sisters found me not exercising as told, they got a physiotherapist one day and forced me to take his sessions.

What I had assumed is that physiotherapist would help me to do mostly the same exercises which I have been told to do, but that assumption went wrong when I screamed for the first time. With this my another assumption went wrong immediately that I am(now was) very strong, but how long one would remain strong when her broken leg gets turned in the most painful directions. For the first two-three days these sessions had become nightmare for me, but now its tolerable. Everyday during that session I scream and make whining noises which even my neighbors could hear.

I quit in a moment and get up in the next. But as they say no gain without pain, my health is getting better both physically and mentally. When I faced the accident I was on the way to get to the training classes for Bakery, Catering and Hotel management. Even after the accident I couldn’t realize that I might not make to the class again, but later I had to give up the course fees, also the deposit for the newly rented home and all the other preparations and plans. But that’s life and time can make even abnormal things to look normal and this was nothing when I can get up again. Sometimes starting from the scratch is the real fun, you might learn and make it better or it may redirect you do something else. So this time I’m thinking to try my hands on writing fiction. Let’s see what characters I evolve.

My family makes fun of me that going to learn a simple muffin costs so much and I did’t learn it though :). Also they are looking forward to my services once I am perfectly okay. I wonder if I should disclose the news when I am back to normal or keep my walker as an excuse ;). But it’s hard to hide the excitement. Yesterday when I climbed the stairs for the first time, I became so happy that I called my sister and asked her if we can go to the movies. Later on I realized that I have been asked to climb 6-7 steps only and even if I use elevator to the movie hall, there would be many steps to get to that comfortable seat else I won’t be able to sit for 2-3 hours in the normal chair.

But I’m in the process to make it some how as each day I find at least one friend recommending that movie on the Facebook. Funny thing is, the movie’s name is “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”. So when I am not able to walk properly, I’ll be watching Milkha running. Don’t worry I’ll soon catch him!

Also from today Chaturmas has began and I have thought in the morning that I would do the fasting for these 4 months and loose some weight which I have gained during this rest, but my tummy just pinged me and I have to take her call so I guess lets switch to the shravanmas and there is a time, so let me go to the kitchen.

[I’ have really got bored of titling these posts, can’t anybody develop something which can autogenerate the meaningful post titles specially when the post contents are not meaningful ;)]