Free is so expensive, everybody wants to buy it…

Free, Free, Free… sounds so great, isn’t it? 
At least a first thought would be wow… But on a second thought “I shouldn’t believe it is really free, something might be hidden”(really those asterisks are very hard to find in the advertisements).

On Sunday morning I was reading a newspaper and saw one advertisement which was giving 20-40% discounts on furniture. I really got excited instantly and asked my sister if we can visit the store and buy. She poured cold water by saying “Do you really require anything from that list?” I again gone through the advertisement, and sadly found none.

You know my sister and I have a very good thing in common, Whenever she gets excited to buy something I deny with a logical reasons and If I do, she denies. Otherwise I can imagine how many things we might have bought just to find they were not needed. But if we agree on something, means a big threat to balance. I still remember spending Rs.19000/- in just one store at a time(they didn’t give me any discounts though). What we bought, nothing but just nice clothes for ourselves. This is the disadvantage when every shop accepts your card. So don’t carry it when you go shopping.

So today’s Free means: Formula Required to Energize Electrons
This formula creates a great flow of current in the mind which makes customers so excited to buy something which is being offered to them(sometimes for no reasons).

Most things we enjoy(sometimes unconsciously) and must be grateful to have them in our life come Free(…really free). I mean which parents ask for a special child, Isn’t every child special? Did we ask for loving parents? Do we ask a new day, then why Sun rises and sets regularly even if we don’t bother to look out?

Morning walks are absolute free(but of course if we go), and if one goes and exercises regularly health would remain at it best. But we prefer to go to fitness center or running on treadmill, after all we will pay for it and there is 15% discount too if register for 3 months. So are we buying fitness?

On of my aunties said that doctor has suggested her to drink milk daily, but she does not drink. She can afford a tablet which cost her 20 rupees daily but she cant afford to drink milk which cost the same price. So is she buying her health eating those tablets?

We know that we can learn anything we want, and nowadays everything is just like a one click away. But look at the competitions going on, who has time and importantly patience for self learning. So we started buying education and skills.

Sometimes people hardly bother to talk to family/neighbours/relatives and then attend seminars on developing communications and public relationship. Can’t we start from home and have a laugh, its free too?

Look at trees, they give everything for free even after they die but still we are cutting them.

At least we must not try to dilute things which are given absolute free, otherwise we might find ourselves buying smiles, love, happiness and faith etc with some discounts in some super malls…