Guess who is Lucky?

I guess I have something interesting to share today, at least to my friends. A bit lengthy but I hope my friends can make it upto the end. My recent experiences say that people see happy posts/photos on fb and think how wonderful life those smiling faces would be having. Own life seems sad to them, and not being at the place one wanted to be, is enough to build up the stressful life.
My father always thought that I was lucky for him, and ran every business of him on my name. When in my masters I used to get first class without much reading efforts, I had been labelled by some as lucky. When I say I work from home, I am lucky again. When I say I love my work, I am lucky again. I go hiking, I am lucky. I run with a group, I am lucky. I join some class, I am lucky. I go wherever I want, I am lucky. I learn something new, I am lucky. I have time for me, I am lucky. There is a whole lot who think I am lucky, and the happiest person, and the main reason according to them, is because I am SINGLE.
So pondering over my luck, one thing I find common is the CHOICE I made at every stage.
1. I was the dumbest student in school, got a bit better in a college but still missed a first class. That made me think and the choice I made in my masters was not to care about studies, I read, but the concern was never of getting the first class. It reduced the pressure and studies became effortless. I got first class in each semester then.
2. I left my job in a peak recession time, that too after my father died. I didn’t accept the job I got the very next day, and I remained jobless for six month until I found good projects to work from home. That was a choice.
3. I run with a group, but to join that group was a choice I made
4. I join classes, but for that too I have to make a choice to enrol myself
5. I go to the places I want, because I don’t take up the work which eats up my MeTime.
6. I am happy because I am quick to re-order my priorities and end up with a choice. I don’t have regrets.
7. I am happy because I never accepted anything which I thought would make me unhappy after sometime
8. Sometimes being happy means to be ready to be unhappy temporarly until you reach the stage
9. Being lucky means to know inner self and don’t settle for less
10. Being lucky means to say a few NOs to material things. One might ride a small car or a bicycle, but the person riding the car/cycle would be happy, Isn’t it true. Why everyone wants to cry comfortably in Mercedes.
And the main reason as they say, because I am Single I can do whatever I want to. But you guys got married because you loved somebody, to have a secured life, or may be your parents told you so, and you thought it was the time. May be you can not go out as often as Singles go, but you still can go somewhere near. May be you have to work hard to pay EMIs but if it is the car loan which is making you work extra in the office, then sell that car. If it is your kid’s school time, which is not allowing to exercise, wake up early. If you are not happy in the current job, then change the job or even the field if necessary, but never settle for something to have a quick gain and be unhappy later. Also don’t follow and promote boss is always right culture, if you won’t say, things won’t change on their own in the office.
Also if you are in a marriage project, then treat it like so, help your partner in achieving their goals, kick them out of the house to have some MeTime. It is called partner for a reason, don’t expect only one person to do everything for you and kids. A unhappy partner would never make the happy project.
What I think makes people happy is to make a choice to get some MeTime, talk and analyse oneself and keep updating the inner being and that might need you to have or settle for what is enough. Does not matter how much we exercise, we all gonna die one day, but we can still choose to die with no regrets and a big smile(last selfie must be rocking right 😀)
The reason to write all this, is only to motivate some of my friends, who if try, can do wonderful things. If I can be lucky, you all can be, and in fact it takes very little to be happy. Also you have a chance to prove me that married people too can enjoy the life as we singles do.
So the plan is to make some of my friends, relatives RUN and spend time with their inner being, and there is a challenge for them to RUN at least 6km a week for next two months. You can run 6kms at once, 2kms for 3days or 3kms for 2days, but you will run it. Don’t forget to do warmup and stretching afterwards. You have to prove to yourself that you are lucky to have two legs and are able to run, take out some time and go. Believe me if you fix this, the other things gonna fix on their own. 
#MakeUrselfLuky #HappyRunning