Happy Mother’s Day

As a tradition the day would again fall this year on this Sunday, which we all formally refer as a “Mother’s Day’! Every year I surprise my Mom with some home made snacks or chocolates if I am home, Else I make sure to call her at midnight to wish and make her smile. When my grandma was alive, we used to have a double blast and more fun. My grandma was very fond of food specially she liked spicy and sweet dishes.

Once on the mother’s day, I prepared 6-7 pieces of onion bhajia very quickly & silently and presented it to my grandma at midnight. I was well prepared that she might scold me as I woke up her so late in the night, and she used to say that all these b’day and other popular days celebrations are of no use.

I woke her up and explained her that “Ba its a mother’s day and for you I have made onion bhajia. Would you plz have it?” To my surprise she quickly took the plate from my hand, and asked “Is it so?”, then she started eating it. She seemed enjoying it very much. You know in my family I am the only one who had slapped her grandmother and she didn’t mind it too. We were sleeping on the terrace and my grandma’s bed was close to mine. I was busy fighting and slapped somebody in the dream. But in real, I hit her on face. I was still asleep but I came to know when my grandma gave me the slap back. Instantly I changed my side and disappeared to be on safe side. No doubt that she published the news next morning, but I was safe :). We all loved her so much that even today she lives around.

Look at this new mother – a pigeon, who has set her home here. As usual I named her first as “Curie”. She is very protective about her two little kids “Alpha” n “Beta”.
So now we have 3 guests. For Beta(left)- its her b’day today, where as alpha(right) is a day older. Can’t wait seeing them fly. Their mother watches my every movement whenever I am in the balcony. But still she is friendly and gives me poses when I shoot her. She is so caring that she reminds me of my mom and my grandma. Anyway I would have at least one mama here on this mother’s day. 
So love you mama…and a very happpppy mother’s day……….