After doing a #Hamtapass trek, trekking has become one of my “Dil maange more…” things. Also unlike any other sport activities it is something very unpredictable and brings down anyone’s lifestyle to a survival mode. As of yet I have seen people demanding only two things when they hike, first is obviously some resting time and food. Everything else is offered to you by the nature sights

Hiking is not where people compete, and it demands unity. Not the fastest one, but the slowest one decides the speed of your group. Walking with the loaded stuffs makes you aware of the things you are carrying unnecessarily. So before I do our next long trek, this one day trek at Vijaynagar Forest was a perfect opportunity, specially when I had never been to the forests before.

We started early in the morning from Ahmedabad, and reached Polo forests around 9 am. In next 10 minutes after warming up, we started walking. Our organizer, the little young man was carrying his own rule book in his head, which included we keep silence and do not talk, do not touch anything unless required, do not pick up stuff on the way, do not break anything, and most importantly do not use our mobiles or camera. I really like the kind of awareness he was trying to create. I had no issues with not using mobile also, but I like capturing surroundings, and being a tester soul breaking rules always tempts. So I took liberty whenever the sight itself was loudly telling me to capture it. But the organizer was also kind enough to click us with his mobile and captured some of actions on the route. Don’t have those pics yet though.

I expected to see animals but thanks to us humans reaching everywhere no animals appeared on the way. However I saw bear’s nail marks on the tree and some new plants also. After hiking some 600m, and walking 10+ km, we reached the Harnav lake site, where we rested for quite sometime. Like everyone else, I selected my stone, put both legs into the water and I didn’t realize when did I fall asleep hearing sound of waves. Around 3:30 we had our lunch, and then we cleaned up the lake site as much as possible by collecting plastic bags, bottles and broken glasses. I mean seriously how come people be so careless to leave there garbage behind. You want to drink in a dry state, then drink but do not for god sakes leave your bottles and its broken glasses behind. Few people swam in the open water, and as I am still recovering from ooty’s cold I didn’t dare. 

I guess we left after 6 pm. This ending time is what I don’t enjoy. It always gives some mixed feelings. Before leaving the forest, I stand there on the side and was looking back at those trees standing so far. I told them don’t let me go plz, but I guess they wanted the otherwise so I politely left the place.

#Tip: when you go trekking, plz plz plz do wear the shoes meant for trekking only.

so this is it…