If u want to make god laugh…

Finally the cycle of accidents in my home is over when I had an accident some days back. I just took the left turn and suddenly started feeling very happy. I told myself  “everything is going well”. The next few minutes I met a car and I fell down from my scooter after it dragged me a few meters along. I was just a minute away from my destination.

Some passed by, some watched, some gathered around and some came forward to offer various kinds of help. I remember some of them, the uncle who offered water, a girl who called 108 ambulance, another girl and a guy who was constantly asking me if I am okay and need anything or want to call home.

I was a bit blank at that moment about what to do. I started figuring out if I should call home or go to hospital directly. First truth I realized that I was not at all able to move my left leg, so I made a wise call to my home (which was around 20 km away from the spot) and asked them to reach a hospital which was still not decided.

Within a few minutes Police also appeared as they were passing by and saw me. This was the time when my entertainment got started. Two policemen came, one asked if I am okay and then if I saw the number of the car. The other – the funny one asked me if I want to go to hospital. Unfortunately I didn’t have outer injuries which could have easily conveyed the pain I was in. I kept saying Yes I need to go. Then they asked “Which hospital I would like to go? I said, take me to any nearby hospital as I was not aware of the hospitals in that area.

The ambulance came, Police and ambulance staff talked and decided the hospital and I then left the spot after giving the last answer to his question that I don’t want to file a case against the car. My family also reached the hospital and by the time Dr has got my x-ray report ready with fractures details and the cost to get it fixed. It costs us 60,000 Rs to get two screws fixed in my left tibia with 2 nights and 3 days stay in the hospital.

Visitors flow got started where some commented about my speed, some challenged my driving skills and some wished me happy vacations, some taunted for not having insurance and being too positive and the comment which I got the most was “why my family faces accidents so frequently and why don’t we do something about this or ask some saints to resolve this? My mother says to me “you shifted home though we said no and see what happened”, siblings say “I was flying too high and so got fixed on the ground.

But good thing is, they all serve me humor each day and help me pass these boring days. Otherwise I can imagine how tedious it is when one is not able to move out of bed. See 15 days has been passed and all I can manage is to turn a side on left silently, though its not allowed yet. Still long time to wait and god knows when I would become able to walk, but I guess by that time monsoon would arrive. Sometimes it feels so frustrating being not able to move or sit for long. But I have a bad memory too which helps me overcome this and keep calm.

More than me my sisters are frustrated because, now they have to train and take care of my dog too out of their busy schedule, and I Enjoy them doing this as before they hardly came forward to help me on this. They used to tell me, its your dog, you train him and we would just play. So now they take him out and train him and discuss him all the day and so far watching them working so hard is funny. Also Mom is now besides me, so life is a party and I too laugh along with god

Also my Mom has now called Vastu people and she keeps calling them to come home and find what’s wrong with our home and they might come soon. Though none of  us believe this, we all would be witnessing this gathering and hear which corner of our home is affecting our life or what is wrong with the position of the table, bed and god knows what else it would be. But in all these, fun is assured 🙂

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