Is God a Tester or a Developer?

I had  thought to write some blogs relating to Testing a very long back or since I created my Blog in 2009. But believe me, enrolling for a blog was very much exciting and I felt very good to have my own blog. But all the pressure started when I got the Mail notification that “Welcome! You have successfully created your account. Start Blogging!”
This message played a role of neutron and it bombarded my poor mind, which then divided into several pieces in the form of questions. Like are you ready? What would you write about? Why are you writing this? Will you finish it? Will you write again? And choosing the subject was a very difficult for me. I want to make sure that whatever I write about should be an outcome of my own thoughts and imaginations, even if it sounds ridiculous to some/All. 
But it was taking time as I never had enough contents for any topic. But today I decided not to look for having good or enough contents, otherwise when will I write? So here I am?
Why this topic?
After joining testing, I couldn’t stop myself from relating Testing with what I see all around. I always think about what role God plays and how and where he fits in our Development life cycle.
Is God a Developer or Tester? G: God, D: Developer, T: Tester
God – a Developer?
G:  Seeing some people and/or their behavior we often say “God has made him/her in haste or in a very bad mood”.
D: We see some buggy code and say “Developer has really made it in haste or has not understood the logic right”

D: For the defects of the software, respective developer is blaimed and then the defect is assigned to him & it is his duty to resolve it.

G: For the issues of our daily lives, we blame the God. After all he designed us and others (we have problems with). So isn’t it his duty to solve our problems we face.
G: Some creatures in this world are really above our imaginations. I wonder how God so beautifully paints them. Only he can create such beings.  In Hindus we have different Gods/Godess for differnet purpose

E.g If seeking Wealth- goto Laxmiji, if Knowledge- goto Saraswatiji, For Fame – Ganeshji, to get rid of Fears – Hanumanji and here is the best if none of them listen to your wishes goto Shivaji

D:  In softwares also we do need different developers like Java Developer, Web Developer, .Net Developer, Joomla developer, PHP developer and many more… to build desired applications.

G: When we get things sorted out in a rightly manner, we say, oh Thank you god, finally you listened to me.

D: When software gets it major bugs resolved and client’s feedback is good, Developer gets a pat on their back for the good work they did.

G: Criticize your God and wait for the results. You will get lessions back in some forms

D: Tell developer about a new Defect you found and you will get an instant message from him or he would appear in person if possible discussing why the defect is not defect.

God – a Tester?

G: We get up in the morning and if see any problems, We say, oh God, so you know I was happy yesterday and you cant bear everything works fine hmmmm?

T: When a Tester says Defects are not resolved yet and I need to reopen them again?
Developer says: You (Tester) never acknowledge my work and are always ready to throw problems. Nothing seems right to you. Right?

G: Sometimes unexpected or unpleant circumstances appear and we say oh God! Why am I facing this now or Why didn’t you make me aware well before? I could have avoided this easily.

T: Client finds some new or severe bugs…Everybody nods Hey ! Our Tester(s) might have not tested the product well enough OR why he/she has not found these bugs early?

G:  Often peple could not believe if something good can happens to them and say I can’t believe I have got this OR have I achieved this really?, and doubt God.

T: Sometimes Developer gets surprised and douts tester’s credibility if their module gets passed at first. Hey man have you tested it all? Really, is that worked fine?
4)G: Most people think God himself does not have to face such situations and so he creates problems for others. 
T:  Most people think Testers don’t have or need not have any qualifications and when they couldn’t build it themselves, testers get happy finding defects in other‘s work.


G: In every religions every God says something, mostly they all says the something in different books. People often uses the terms Jesus says to do this or Krishna says to do this or Allah says to do this. So we all use our Gods to make someone do something which we want him/her to do

T: Whenever Testers reports a bug, every Tester uses the term “User”. However Testers report a bug, and he wants the bug to be resolved, he does not become the customer directly. He presents the “User” as the customer of the bug.

G:  I used to read Geeta everyday before I leave for work. But when I was getting late, I used to skip reading to catch the bus on time. I have closely observed that whenever I skip reading, I never got bus on time even if I reach busstop on time. To test this I had even skipped readings intentionally evenif I had enough time. But on those days I could never catch the bus on time. I really wondered and used to ask in an angry voice “Do you really want me to read it everyday for you?  So even God sometimes creates obstacles when we don’t keep healthy relationship
T:  Well I don’t do it, but have often heard that some testers get upset and angry when developers underestimate them or doubt their credibility to test their code. So when testers don’t share a good relationship with developers, testers try to unclose major bugs on last minutes so that developers get hard times.