1) Do not wait for the next year to arrive to do and achieve what you can get done this very year
2) Praise people and be happy for what they are good at, but that does not mean you have to show off the same thing. Do not compare Strengths.
3) To be helpful is an opportunity, but don’t share when you help.
4) Do not click pictures while helping or offering something to somebody, see you don’t click while taking the one.
5) Happiness is not a state of mind, but is a style, sometimes it is knowing which pain would be worth
6) Trust physics, trust Energy
7) You are not God, so Test software, do not Test people.
8) Seek journey, not a destination
9) Keep an open mind, but don’t allow trespassers
10) Take notes from History but know that Present can be different and so would be the Future
11) Believe everything, trust nothing.
12) Embrace nothingness