Oh dear Tester, are you using your mind?

Oh dear Tester, are you using your mind?
Why don’t you have questions of any kind?

That test case you have just written
Have steps to follow like in kindergarten

Look at the bug reports you have sent
Where your extra hours have been spent 

You know the product so very well
But why no user stories to tell

Smartly you got automation fame
With all the tools your managers can name

At the table you felt just insult
Coz you saw only bugs in results

Testing is an act of investigation
But you tested all with no mission

Don’t think as if you know it all
Ask people and break the wall

Questioning will take you to Wonderland
Never act as if you’re from Neverland

Question the product and see the magic
You will find yourself collaborating

Honesty and Courage are basic tools
You will survive even if you’re fool

Anyone can test is really true
But only if your tests are adding value

You don’t need that break it attitude
Build a little passion to make it better oh dude…