Questioning went wrong….

Again I’m here to get my frustration out!!!  This morning I had a quarrel with Bansi’s (my dog) trainer. From past few days my sisters have been complaining me that I don’t care and watch how my dog’s getting trained. So today I appeared and finally resolved there complaint the way they have not imagined. Its been almost three months we have hired this trainer for Bansi. Everyday he would take Bansi out for the training and nobody from my family watch him as we believed to give him total freedom to train Bansi the way he finds suitable for him. Initially he had agreed to train him for five days a week for 15 minutes a day. But gradually he decreased the span to 7-10 minutes a day. I were still okay keeping in mind that dog gets irritated if trained for longer period.

Earlier I used to train Bansi, but then I had an accident and from past two month I can’t take him out or train him the way I used to. I’m still not allowed to walk and god knows when would I walk again. The doctor said that the cracks might take another 3-4 months to heal, and until I’m able to bend my leg 90 degree he won’t allow me to walk. So I’m already full of frustration sitting at same place.

He took a month to teach him stay command. I didn’t want to doubt him but somehow it appeared that he is purposely extending the duration and does not teach other commands so that we keep his training on. I don’t have a budget to keep his training on and on for unknown period.

I came to know later on that he does not like if we give our inputs or question him based on out research on dogs. For example when he came with a packet of  Pedigree and I politely refused to buy it as I had read  bad reviews about this brand, he didn’t say word that day but next day on some discussion he told that we don’t believe him.

Now only 7-8 days have been left to end his training. So we asked him to give training in house, and we could also learn from him how to teach and train Bansi ourselves. And that is what made him bit angry, he didn’t show it though.

In the end of the training session. I asked him which command he uses to stop a barking dog. He said to use “No”. Out of curiosity I just asked him that I have read people saying not to use “No” command and instead use “Stop, Enough or Quiet”. Now this triggered another shot, and he started arguing that we don’t listen to him and ideally its not good to train dog in house and he would teach the way we want and it does not matter if we spread bad reviews about him.

His last line was enough for me, and I too lost my cool. Also I have been looking to get my frustration out and he gave me the opportunity. Why would I go out to spread news about him? We had believed him and so had given the total freedom in his training sessions. But what is wrong if I want to see and learn how my dog’s getting trained, specially when  I’m not able to walk out and want to train him in house for the remaining 7-8 days. What sense he makes saying that he even didn’t say NO to train Bansi in house. So I raised my voice to tell him “You can’t say No,. It’s education that I want to give to my dog and train him to understand him better. What sin I made if I read something opposite and wants to learn from you?”

Finally as good citizens my family interrupted and my sister ended our session with her big smile and gave him a polite farewell. Let’s see what happens in coming days and how Bansi’s trainer helps me to get the way out for frustrations. I wish Bansi could understand the “Attack” command… 😉