Save a girl child really?

A lot of messages are pouring out praising the girl-power after girls going ahead in winning the medals at olympics. There would be a tag attached savegirls, and all feeling proud of her on winning our first medal at Rio
Most of the times(and not all the times though), the context is coming out as “save girls, because one day they will make you proud, because one day they will win you a medal hopefully, because one day they would care for you when your sons might ditch you on the road. Parents of girls are feeling proud of having a girl child and educating her.

Isn’t all going wrong somewhere? Why not save a girl, because she is a child too and have a right to live like everyone else does. She might not win a medal or might fail to make you proud like any other son, but still she deserves to live the world. Shouldn’t parents feel proud of their all kids irrespective of genders. One might win, the other might fail at times. All kids deserve to be loved.
If we go deeper why not save a child irrespective of genders, because in the end it’s a child only. Categorising her shows she is different from the other one.
We all are beings and that should unite us. Save each being because it deserve to be. Yes campaigns and tags are needed sometimes for educating and awareness, but the root cause remains unaddressed. We would then end up having campaigns from SaveGirls to EducateGirls to NoDowry to LetHerLive and so on…