Time changes every second, but doesn’t get changed…

Time! Grammatically time reveals the information about the past, present and future, to help us understand  “when” some particular instance or an event is occurred. Time is something which affects every being and almost everything. Its hard to separate.

Often I heard people saying “time will come…”, “time never remains same…”, “time will teach you…”, “time is a great teacher…”, “time changes everything…”, “with time people change(ed)…”, “with time I learned this and that…”, “I’ll show you when my time comes”, “wait and watch”, “every dog has its day…” or “my time will never come..:(” or its my bad time or good time….” So often we use time as a key factor to show/describe hope, motivation, emotions, goals, power etc.

So in general time describes different things at different places. But as we see in all these there is one thing which is common…”Time!”, and it behaves constant as it’s in its “nature”. The very basic thing which it works on, is to “move on” no matter what’s going on around. For the things which run by nature, has to behave natural, and as the time is a natural thing, there is no start and no end, and the goal is to keep and preserve its own nature. It always remains in “Now” and if it doesn’t, it wouldn’t be time anymore. Like the very basic property of Water is to cool and of Fire is to heat. So even a small drop of water would try its best to cool down, and a small spark of fire will try its best to heat up  before it dies. So I feel Time never changes, it just keeps moving on and on, and its we who measure it, sadly to find ourselves changed.

The very best part of the natural things and so of the time, is that it witnesses everything but experiences nothing. So keep and preserve your nature. So as they say be yourself, and take a ride:)