you live…not by going away from death…but going towards the meeting points…where you can sneak peek the death. We generally like seeing beautiful pics on our screens, we stares them for few seconds and continue doing our chores. But when you see yourself surrounded by the things you have hardly dreamt of, and then seeing everything all coming alive trying to talk to you and whisper something…here you still have to keep walking… if not, you will be left alone in the place where you always wanted to be left alone, but still you fear of lagging behind for no reasons. You keep reminding yourself that it’s okay to be a slow walker, take a deep breath, okay take as many as you want, keep relaxing in between and then give a go. You see your friends on the top… you see your friends down the hill and you are somewhere in between, life feels good and then somebody shouts aloud… keep walking. Trekking….where you don’t bath for days, eat whatever is available, camp on the top of the mountain but still you find yourself in the deep valley, sleep inside the bags, drink from the streams, and most importantly start with strangers who in next few minutes would become your good friends