Welcoming a new year…

I know that a new year has already been started but for me it would start from tomorrow as I would turn a year older. I guess I didn’t do anything last year which can be counted as achievements. If I could, I would really like to erase 2013 from my history :), not because I met failures but I think I didn’t try hard to stand them.

When 2013 started, I got a Labrador puppy for myself and then I faced an accident so the whole year I found myself busy with dog training and visiting doctors for one or other reasons. Moreover I fell down so badly last November that I saw myself crying on the spot and I have to start physiotherapy again. I never thought that a broken leg can occupy so much space in my mind.

But during all these happenings I could know myself better in terms of what I have become gradually. My library is piling up with the books I have bought. My downloaded files have taken too much space of my hard disk and my “to be learned” list has also went up beyond my eye level. So 2013 has shown me my weaknesses and so I feel disappointed with myself.

In Bhagwad Geeta, one verse says that when you focus on one thing, you would automatically lose focus from/interest in other things. For example; a lazy person would not find interest in doing activity or an active person would not like to sit still at one place. Sometimes such things happen merely by our ignorance and we lose a habit by lack of discipline. So the things which you think were easy to do, require now a lot of effort to start even. So beware of what you are ignoring.

But 2013 has made me socially active both online and offline. Connecting to so many testing folks keep my spirit up. Also thanks to testing circus magazine, they inspire many testers all over the world to read views of other testers and also write their own thoughts. This year I had wrote a single article on their August’s Edition, but I have got good feedback from readers, and even calls for job opportunities. This was really amazing. 

Recently they published Tester’s new year resolutions , which is really an energy booster for all the testers. My resolutions are also there but the point is I haven’t thought of them earlier. It was when they asked for, it made me think the importance of making them. So though you have things like these in mind, listing them down does create a sense of value. I need to understand the value of these commitments and need to commit to myself. If I can’t, I guess this would be the last year of my testing career.

I would be attending  BBST Foundation course in March – April this year and I’m really looking forward to it.

There are certainly great things to do in life than getting older and I keep my fingers crossed to write about my achievements next year.