Why should we support ‪‎Hindi‬ become an official language?

  • More than a language, its a communication channel
  • At least one language would be there to represent India on the global table
  • Its not about my language, your language, their language, our language. its about NATION’s language
  • Hindi is not gonna corner my language in minority
  • It’s easy to learn from television and movies and peers as we do with English
  • Also don’t think in the no of people who speak Hindi. Its more about which common language can UNITE us. I don’t mind English as well as an official Language(motive is just Communicating, right?) but it costs a way too much to the people not knowing it, both Financially and Emotionally
  • It would help people know each other better having a common medium
  • It is the Mother Language in which one expresses him/herself to its best, then let there be a common language to help others express themselves a bit better(who don’t understand your mother language)
  • Would not it be easier to tour each state knowing you would have somebody there knowing a language you understand?
  • Think of the people not knowing English and their fear to visit/do business in other states just because we are too busy fighting for not learning a common language
  • How come a well skilled Tamil/Gujarati doctor serve his/her patient where patient is not able to communicate his/her symptoms
  • Having an official language just gonna wider our audience/Friend list, its an opportunity to know each other better.
  • Last language is just a Tool, so don’t be sentimental, and vote as you do in every election. At least language is not like our politicians, you can trust it.

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