About Me

It is very difficult for me to write something about myself without making it sound funny, but here I go.

A Post graduate in Physics (remembers of only Atoms and Tesla now), who tried to do some Research work(remembers nothing) for a year just to earn some fellowship, but later packed bags after finding myself in a research soup. Earned a part time PGDiploma in Computer Applications as was told that “Doing something is better than doing nothing\”. Entered into a BPO company as a non-voice BPO executive – the only job I could find around, but within few months landed happily into Testing field thanks to company\’s wonderful internal transfer policy. I’m a tester who started testing products without knowing the STLC and SDLC, a tester who didn\’t know the difference between Waterfall and V-model then and a tester who still did not get what model an Agile is. A tester whose methods have changed from preparing test cases to mind-maps. A tester whose role has evolved from being a bug celebrator to collaborator.

I have Attended Rapid Software Testing by James Bach in 2012 and BBST Foundations by AST in 2014. I am now a freelance software tester, who works from the corner of her home. I enjoy drawing, writing, running, cycling, listening to music, and specially singing(when nobody is around to correct the lyrics)

My views here are not only my views, it would be very foolish of anybody to say that views are my own. My writings, my thoughts and my beliefs might have (have not) been influenced by my parents, teachers, my upbringing, the environment I live in, the movies I watch, the articles I read, the news I read or avoid, the activities I repeat, the people and friends I communicate with or believe in, the success and failures I faced, and the things I got with or without doing a hard work. In short each of the experiences and interactions have taught something. I could make choices as best as I can but saying “I have developed views completely on my own” would be a discredit to those who with/without knowledge have influenced me in writing anything here.