My body, My responsibility…

So much protest is going around for a Delhi girl and media is busy arranging debates and a lot of unqualified politicians having no experience of walking on the roads are discussing safety,  protection and laws for women. When your prime minister needs written speeches to address even current issues, what kind of help and actions you expect from him

Our Society wants govt to protect a woman, Govt wants society to respect a woman. Woman wants Society and Govt to respect and protect her.

Come-on girls don’t expect others to protect or respect you. You are not weaker than Man, after all man has come out of you. The word “Shakti” itself is feminine and you know how strong and superior she is.

If somebody stares at you in public, don’t just look down or expect somebody to come forward for you. Look into his eyes with confidence and show your anger. You know how to wash and cut vegetables, don’t you? You can walk with high heels and You are the same who never gets tired of shopping, who doesn’t mind leaving parent’s home after marriage, who sacrifices her career to take care of her family. No man in the world has strength to do all these. 

Understand “My body, My responsibility”. So first take your own responsibility. Don’t expect Govt or fellow travelers to protect you while standing in the bus with 60-70 passengers. Never feel shy to tell a man what exactly he deed or where exactly he was looking. You too have two hands so slap him if required. Our first dharma or duty is to defend ourselves, so do that with confidence. “God helps those who help themselves” is not just a nice line to read. What govt or society think is not our problem. Before changing them first let’s change our own attitude towards ourselves and let our strength come out. It’s there within us…

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