My week off to Lonavala…

Last year all my four siblings had survived some kind of major accidents in a sequence where one was hit by a car, one had an sever electric shock, one had drove his car over a road divider, and other had a sever eye injury at his workplace. But I was still left, and I was thinking about what could happen to me, and one morning I found that my computer is not waking up and needed format. Though I didn’t face any physical accident, probably because I am always home 🙂 and don’t go out often, this was also a kind of sever accident for me. So working from home might have saved me from physical harm.

But working from home has a disadvantage too that soon your family members get bored of you, because you are always home and then they want you out of the home, at least for sometimes. So they recently forced me to go out and visit some far places. So I planned a week at Lonavala which is one of the best hill stations in India. It also has many Yoga and Ayurveda retreat centers as well where I can spend time alone peacefully and so my family at home without me.

I left on Saturday evening by sleeper coach Bus to Lonavala and reached the center on Sunday morning. Before they began our course, we were asked to consult with their doctors, so that they can plan treatment accordingly if one suffers any health problems. Whenever I consult with any doctors, they all realize one thing in common, that I don’t exercise and a lazy person. So my treatment started after labeling me be as “lethargic”. Also Doctor looked suspiciously at me when I insisted to join Advanced yoga classes, because I am lazy he was planning to send me for basic yoga classes. But I said “I know it, it just that I don’t do it in practice:)”. So he approved with doubts in mind.

From next morning my scheduled got started which included yoga practice twice a day, Ayurveda therapies, pranayam and used to end with a lecture in the night. I found that many foreigners come just to learn about yoga and other therapies. I met a girl from US and two girls from Japan. This might be the reason that nowadays most retreat centers offer prices in either USD or EURO. 

Though I had interactions with many on the first day, for almost 2 days most people were silent. Being a girl its hard to remain silent but finally I found one dentist girl to chat with. Most of the times every individual remained busy for treatments but we could share laughs at the dining tables.

On Thursday I had a treatment which needed that I don’t eat heavy(read tasty) and take only light boring food. I didn’t eat breakfast, lunch and managed with light dinner. Friday morning I went for the breakfast hoping to eat something tasty. I just had one spoon of Upma and the supervisor appeared and told, you shouldn’t eat this now and offered me just plain rice flakes :(. At last in the dinner they allowed some vegetables and dal. So it was not a surprise that I lost 1.75 kg during the stay. I guess weight is the only thing in the world people don’t mind and look forward to lose. 

I couldn’t visit any places outside of the center in Lonavala as the treatment schedule was tight. But on Friday I managed to visit a near by famous temple called “Narayani Dham”. I reached the temple and went to a shop to buy things which I can offer to Goddess like Chunri and coconut etc. Unfortunately shopkeeper was not there and so security person gave those things without taking money in advance and told me to go first to the temple and payback later. I offered it to the Goddess and went to the shop to pay the bills. The shopkeeper calculated all for 180. I opened my purse to pay, and found that I forgot to bring my wallet and have no cash at hand. If he was there before I went to the temple, I could have not bought the things, but here I have actually offered them to the Goddess. I told him to keep my camera while I go back to the center to bring the wallet. He laughed and said “not to worry about it and there is also no need to keep camera as security”. Later I went back with money and payed him with many thanks. It really feels good when even strangers show such trust.

Finally Saturday night the course was ended and I learnt many different yoga exercises and pranayam practices to meditate. The most important practice their Principal taught was “How to close eyes completely” specially for meditation. I struggled with eyes in the past during Vipassana practice. But really his technique was quite easy and powerful such that if one follows it regularly, one can find himself with fewer thoughts with closed eyes and even while meditating.

Sunday morning I reached Pune by local train and then flew to Ahmedabad. It was my first journey by air so I obviously asked for the window seat. Somehow got the seat by wing side with two windows. The only thing I liked, when the plane ran with high speed to take off. Clouds was exciting for 5 minutes and after a long time I saw a clear sky. After that it became boring when I couldn’t feel the speed inside the plane, and there was nothing to see except could. At least in train I saw lots of hills and other good sights. Thank god that journey lasted for an hour only, but yes it landed me fast back to Ahmedabad, so it was the other good thing.