Expect the Unexpected

Last Wednesday on a new year I was standing in a queue at the next door Grand cinemas to buy tickets for the movie “Son of Sardar”. I was a bit excited as it is a comedy movie and after watching “Bol Bachchan” my excitement was obvious for Devgan’s movie. I generally book them online but their server seemed down that day and so I couldn’t. So soon we came to know that tickets are not available. So I had to postpone my plans and had to bought same tickets for Saturday instead.

Thursday night I came to know that my elder brother has got into bike accident and broke down his right thumb and right knee with fractures. They were supposed to come Ahmadabad for operation, so we didn’t go there and waited for them to come here. But then they changed mind and shifted place of treatment after some people recommended a near by place(though it is almost 115 kms far from here). Saturday was scheduled for his thumb’s operation.

No wonders, on Saturday I was standing again in the queue, but this time to return or better I say sell my tickets(anyway this was the first time I sold movie tickets) and though it felt weird, I did sell them in few minutes. For few seconds I became jealous of the guys who went into the cinemas after they bought my tickets:(

My mom had warned me not to come on my scooter keeping my driving skills in mind and also she didn’t want to hear about another accident very soon. I said “as you wish” and wore my helmet, though other consider it as a scooter it’s my aircraft and so I took it off to the hospital there by road. Sorry is so easy nowadays to convince mom specially when reached safely.

My brother got operated and I wished my brother happy vacations for next 20-30 days and came back the other day. But this time our 4 yrs old monster(my niece) wanted to ride and come along desperately. So now everyday we’ve new adventures.

Of course she is my cutie pie and well mannered princess who likes lots of means really lots of stories, but sometimes I found myself doing everything to find I did nothing. She would repeat her dialog one after the other like my Car.., pencil.., cell.., paper…, pen…, 1-2 no-no 3-4 biscuits…, my bag.., not pink but blue…, ok yellow…ok it’s last and its white…, No frocks but jeans and only sleeveless t-shirts. We like  business persons do most thing in deals:). Finally Pogo and Cartoon Network came to my rescue as she likes those channels and can do anything in return to watch her favorite shows.

I have promised to take her to watch “Life of Pi” on Saturday. She’s already watched the trailer and started repeating tiger and ocean like things. I wouldn’t have written this post, but again today morning when I went to the movie website to book tickets online, this is what they showed me after proceeding for the show 🙁