Today, On this day…how much I have changed

The 19th of April has been printed deep in my mind, naturally because 4 years ago, I met an road accident on this day. Today I re-read my Post about that incident, and thought to write this blog post about the changes I have gone through within these 4 years and what I have learnt in dealing with them. 

“Some strengths we would get to witness only in the time of despair”: While getting dragged on the road along with the scooter, I also saw myself getting the strength to bear that pain. So now I am not worried about how painful it would be to be the accident victim. But still plz avoid accidents as more than the broken parts, cost to fix them might kill you 🙂  

“Find humour in every situation, and you can actually turn a tragedy into comedy.”: I kept myself getting entertained on the site of the accident, whether it was the crowd watching me, the police who were questioning me, or my own stupid jokes I was making up in my mind to distract from the broken tibia. 

“Pampering broken parts does not help much”: I pampered my broken tibia almost for 3 years. After all it has been through 3 operations. I am not even afraid of operations anymore, but it is the physiotherapy I am scared of now. Being a super lazy, I would not exercise, gain weight and was feeling lucky with being able to walk. Gradually I observed that I had developed a phobia of falling on my left knee. I pampered my left knee so much that my right knee had to support and handle all alone and it also sometimes appeared to give up and asks me are you trying to break me as well.  

“Convince your mind with evidences”:  I joined the society gym and in the same month I saw a fb invitation from a friend to join in a half marathon. I asked my instructor if I can run 5km race, to which he said No, keeping my broken tibia in mind. But this time I wanted to participate to get rid of the knee phobia. So I went for a checkup and asked my doctor if I can run. He surprisingly told me that I can do whatever I want to, but I have to build up the stamina gradually and judge how much would be okay for me. See it is not easy to convince mind, but getting more information helped and I got myself registered. Started a run/walk approach as suggested by a friend and finished the 5k race. 

“Make New friends“: You don’t actually select or make friends but nobody is going to visit you home and say how are you doing? I think after I left my last job I had not made any new friends as working from home does not create that opportunity. Being an introvert it’s even hard for me to meet and greet new people. But without thinking much this time I choose to join a running group when a friend asked to. Running thrice in a week gave the opportunity to meet new people and slowly the circle expanded and at least now I know many people (most of them are crazy though) and have chance to learn from each of them. 

“Sport Activities help beyond our imagination”: Physical activities like running, cycling, swimming has power to recreate us. I have not researched or gathered any data on this fact, but with experience I can tell that if I keep myself engaged in any kind of sport activities, it would not only help me remain fit physically or mentally, but also my outlook to see and perceive the surrounding changes. Mainly because if our physical energies get the right outlet, it would leave us active and light through out the day. 

“Live in the moment”: I experienced this while trekking in mountains that you can not plan certain days or months to fill with waves of peace or happiness. You get that in a small packet called “moment”. It depends on us how much we observe and care to live. 

“Finishing thing builds up the self confidence”: I don’t have right words to describe the happiness I felt when I finished my 5k race. It was something I thought I would never be able to do with my knee phobia. Gradually finishing 10k, 21k, 30k runs and cycling 55 and 76km have helped me a lot with how I tackle my mind to finish the things. Slowly you get the confidence in yourself that you too can think of something as big as it sounds and finish it as well. Even I have taken trekking into my bag and after HamtaPass, now it is PinParvati trek I have set my eyes on. Also I want to see myself finishing triathlon as well this December. But I am not gonna overdo anything and misuse body’s strength. My strategy is to build up the stamina and do something upto a length I can enjoy. 

I would end this post by thanking three friends because of whom I started and continued running, cycling and swimming. Having their company I would also register for the event and so slowly I also started enjoying running and cycling.

Gopi: I used to work with Gopi in the past. So he made me join the group. Even while running his eyes would keep scanning the people on the road who can run and be the part of our group. May be most of us have joined because of him. He has tips for everybody. If he knows it, he says it. 

Viren: It was Viren who used to pack us in his car and drive us all to the running site on Sundays. I might have not joined long runs if I had to drive that long on scooter. But it was his enthusiasm and helping nature that we would go to a distant site and run. I have not seen anybody crazy like him when it comes to running. He actually runs on a run command and would not stop until he finishes his target. 

Santosh: He does not know how to run slow. He was the fastest one when I joined the group. Even when he walks he is faster than me. I think 5-10kms are now peanuts for him.  So this is it, for how and how much I have changed. May be the next year when I would witness this date again, I would have something more to cherish and remember apart from the accident story.


  1. Very nicely described journey of 4 yrs and Experiences cherished.

  2. So happy to see the progressing change in you overcoming your fears and mental blocks and pushing your limits! Proud of u dear!

  3. Amazing transformation .. Jeyshree..
    Incidents teach us and transform us into diffeeent person…
    Keep it up!!!
    -Sonia Juneja

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