Trip to Golden temple, Vaishnodevi and Patnitop

May be God adds waiting as precondition to whatever I do. S/he enjoys changing it better I say like to mess up my plans. First train to amritsar got cancelled and I booked a flight.

Later on 29th railway messaged me that chart is prepared and on complaining they told me I m not eligible for a refund. For my flight I reached 2 hours before and then waited for 7 hours at Ahmedabad airport.

At Delhi airport we got to know that we have to now change the plane for amritsar and they made my mother walk downstairs where wheelchair was already requested in the ticket. Somehow we reached at hotel around 9pm.

Next day we planned sight seeing and hired a day taxi. Went to Wagha border first as thought to go for long distance first and we decided not to stay for ceremony. But there we changed plan and stayed for ceremony resulting spending whole day there.

Somehow made to Golden Temple on time late evening but we got apart due to different exits which took us 2 extra hours in roaming around as mom was not able to walk.

Next day at Vaishno devi as well I don’t know how I felt while being busy in standing lines and trying to help Mom in moving. I just ended up feeling blank on my bed that night.

It was only Patnitop where I felt being alive as could breathe freely. I have been realizing since long back that I can’t connect or catch the frequencies at religious places. Could be coz of not having time to think and breathe freely. But a mountains, forest and sea are where I can feel spiritual.

On 4th I was supposed to board from Jammu airport and as I couldn’t stop these ladies shopping, we reached late by 15 minutes and denied boarding. Means missed connecting flight as well.

No other airlines had seats so had to road travel from Jammu to Delhi, and now on 5th morning I am waiting for my next flight to home.

Isn’t it funny that I am traveling since 10am and it would be close to 24 hours when hopefully I will reach home a bit deprived of sleep and energy. Thank god Bansi would be there to greet me. First thing I will do is walk him out of the house once he finishes his paw dance. Ok my frustrations is out so I feel relaxed before I board. Amdavad hu aavu chu…