Everyday comes with new lessons

My sisters already left the room and headed towards the terrace. I was reading some vocabs, and soon started yawning. Well, its time to sleep! I said to myself. Finally I got up and went to the terrace.

I usually check underground water-tank before going to bed, so tonight also I did the same and made sure that the tap is not open. I remember I was awake until 11pm. I put the alarm and slept.

At 4:30 am finally I woke up and got down from the terrace. Again as a routine I went to the water tank to open the tap. I noticed that something is missing. But what? yes, Electric water-motor!!!

I searched everywhere and soon realized that it is nowhere around. I checked the main gate and found was closed. Everything was at the right place except that the motor was missing.
Undoubtedly it got stolen πŸ™  I guess between 3 and 4am. Thief also took the towel which was hanging outside on a wire, to cover up the motor. I went upstairs and woke my sister up. Why should I take all the pain? I needed someone to share it πŸ™‚
At last we both cooled down and I went to get ready for the class as I usually leave home by 6 am and it was already 5am.Afterwards we both had tea. We thought to complain to police. 
What lesson -1 I learned today, is “keep your electric water-motor inside home”, otherwise its an open invitation to the thieves. 
The good thing was, that on the very previous night I had filled the terrace-water tank to its capacity otherwise we would have run out of water, so we thanked God on his favor. Sometimes we think that God is unkind and is not fair enough with us. But its untrue. 
What lesson -2 I learned today, is what if we see the same thing in reverse? I mean instead of seeing how bad he has done to us?, we can think of much more bad things he has not done to us, which he could have easily done. So he is still nice to us and cares for us πŸ™‚
I returned back home from the class and went to the police station to file the FIR. One sub inspector came to me and asked for the reason. I told him the story. He asked me some questions and wrote down my complaint. He told me that they will try to find out and will call me back if they get any news of the motor. I came back home.
You know sometimes I wonder that, if I can use the command “Ctrl + F” in my real life too. It would become quite easy to find out the things, people and moments I have lost, misplaced or forgotten or say somehow got stolen. I would say God left the defect here and is not going to resolve this, no matter how hard I pray. 

What lesson -3 I learned today, is try to live in the present moment otherwise when it gets lost, we could never find it again.

My sister called me from her office in the noon and said that she got her salary and this time it was double the amount as it included her arrears also. You know the 6th pay commission πŸ™‚ She was quite happy.

What lesson -4 I learned today, is when God takes somethings out from our life he made sure that we don’t lose our balance and he did it. What she got was far far better than what we lost in the morning. Well we were lucky that we got balanced on the very same day πŸ™‚

Finally we will buy a new motor as chances of getting it back are little. So its time to welcome a new member.  At-least our water tank would get a new friend. But I am sure that it’s going to miss its old friend too. 

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